Smiley Reward – Military Boot Camp

Today we have enjoyed the Military Boot Camp!

We played lots of team building games and enjoyed racing on the inflatable assault course!

Well done to everybody who earned their place at this smiley reward due to hard work and good behaviour. Keep it up for next half term’s reward!

12 thoughts on “Smiley Reward – Military Boot Camp

  1. I really can’t wait for the smiley award because it’s just so much fun and we also get to play amazing activity’s! Today was the best day of my life because we went to the smily award and it was the best smiley award this month! This

  2. I can’t believe that the military army boot camp people are coming back to our school and I will have lots of fun activities.

  3. My favourite part was the obstacle corse. I also liked to do the other things.Would you like to do this exciting reward? This was the best thing ever! I would love to have this again! I bet you and your friends would like this ( specially if you want to be a soldier.)

  4. Today the Military Army came in to do some activities with all the children in the school ( I think). First of all I went with this man called Bobby. We walked sensibly to the astroturf to the huge inflatable thing. I had loads of fun on it. We started of slowly and then started having races I won on the last three races. Then after that we walked up to the muga and we went to a man called Wayne we just did a little bit of time doing team building.

    I had a ASTONISHING morning.

    What was your favourite part?

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