Amazing A-Life!

Today we experienced an amazing workshop with A-Life! We were in groups of four and went from table to table that were all about healthy living. We learnt what happens  when you have too much sugary things like cola and pizza. Your teeth rot when you have too much sugar. Did you know that more than half of your body is made out water? Also, you should drink 6 to 8 glasses of water a day! In the afternoon, we are going to do P.E. with A-Life. I’m so excited!

Husna 4L

About Husna

My name is Husna Bano and I am 8 years old, I have 2 sisters, I am the middle sister. I like read, write and play fun games.
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3 Responses to Amazing A-Life!

  1. Ayan says:

    We had lots of fun with each other and we learned a lot about keeping are selves healthy and hydrated.

  2. Daniel says:

    The a-life was very fun and it was good for us because we learned about unhealthy food and healthy foods

  3. Skarlett says:

    I loved to learn about keeping healthy it was so fun.

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