In Year 4 we have been learning all about the earth, volcanoes and earthquakes.

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We have researched and found out lots of information about the volcanoes that are in Italy. Can you remember any of them?

We have also produced some great information texts about volcanoes and earthquakes. What happens when there is an earthquake?

I have linked the websites that we used from dk find out if you want to explore some more and complete the quiz as I know that you all really enjoyed this!

DK find out- Volcanoes

DK find out- Earthquakes

Miss Longmore


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2 Responses to Topic!

  1. 0272013zg says:

    I loved learning about earthquakes because the inner core ( middle bit of the earth) is very very hot and i didn’t even know that! But my amazing teacher Miss Longmore told that to everybody in the class.

  2. Harvey says:

    When I first found out that the Earth had more than 1 layer I was amazed!

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