Science in Year 4!

This term we have started our new Science topic which is all about sound! Last week we went on a sound walk around school to listen for lots of different sounds.

What sounds did you hear year 4?

We also did a sound quiz! We really enjoyed this!

Then, we learnt about different instruments and what you needed to do to get them to make a sound. We learnt that the instrument makes a vibration that travels through the air. This then enters our ear and we can hear the sound. 

Miss Longmore

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3 Responses to Science in Year 4!

  1. Fatima says:

    I heard Miss Roscoe, Miss Khan’s heals, white boards writing.
    Here I have wrote quiet and loud noises…..

    Quiet Loud
    White boards writing. Door slamming.
    Miss Khan’s heals. Phone ringing.
    Walking. Photo copier’s loud beeping.

  2. 0272013fd says:

    It was like the best thing i have ever done in my life. My favourite part was when we did the sound walk and i heard the teachers shouting and there heels.

  3. Husna says:

    Sound waves exist as variations of pressure in a medium such as air. They are created by the vibration of an object, which causes the air surrounding it to vibrate. The vibrating air then causes the human eardrum to vibrate, which the brain interprets as sound.

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