IQM Centre of Excellence

A few weeks ago we had a special visitor in school to assess us for the IQM (Inclusion Quality Mark). We received this award last year, but it has to be checked every year because we got the centre of excellence which is very impressive!

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This visitor came into our PSHE lesson and I’m sure he was really impressed with what he saw.

Once again, we have been named a ‘Centre of Excellence’.

Well done Oxford Grove!

How do we make sure that everyone in our school is included?

Miss Longmore


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2 Responses to IQM Centre of Excellence

  1. Fatima says:

    We respect them.
    Teachers exclude everyone.
    We do PSHE to learn our British values.
    Here are the British values. There are 5 of them. See if you can guess them as well like I did?

    5 British values: Tolerance. Mutual respect. Liberty. Rule of law. Democracy.

  2. Husna says:

    The School Council listen to what everyone says.

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