Roman Numerals! Cross-curricular

As part of our cross-curricular Maths we learnt about Roman numerals! We made posters for our display and signed up for the Roman army by writing our age, height and weight in numerals. 

Can you remember some of the rules when writing in Roman numerals?

Miss Longmore

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6 Responses to Roman Numerals! Cross-curricular

  1. Karima says:

    I enjoyed it and I love seeing my height,weight and age in Roman numbers
    it was sooo cool and funny!

  2. Fatima says:

    One of the rules are that when you write the Roman numeral number 4 you write it like this IV not like this IIII .

  3. Miss Harvey says:

    I really like these cross curricular maths links- Well Done!

  4. Harvey says:

    My hEight is cxxxv1 and I never thought I would be that tall

  5. Husna says:

    I am VIII and my sister is X. I am in year IV. For reading i’m on stage XII.

  6. Husna says:

    A rule is that you can’t do the same number 4 times.

    E.G: IIII is wrong. You have to do IV.

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