Year 4 Roman Invasion!

On Wednesday, Year 4 were invaded by an army of Roman soldiers led by the cruel Sergeant Stockton!  We learnt what it was like to experience an invasion and even though we found it quite funny, we learnt that a Roman invasion wouldn’t have been any laughing matter! We also thought about whether or not invasions are a thing of the past or if they still happen now. We reflected on and discussed what wars are going on in the world today and how lucky we are to live in a safe place and come to such a beautiful school.

Can you write a recount about what happened on that afternoon?

Here are some pictures from the invasion!


Miss Longmore

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9 Responses to Year 4 Roman Invasion!

  1. Lewis says:

    I’m excited to be learning about the Romans in year 4!

  2. 0272013mb1 says:

    I love the part where we were invaded by Romans because it was awesome!

  3. 0272013kg1 says:

    On Wednesday 6th September at 1:00 clock,Oxford Grove was invaded by rotten Romans.Year 4L and 4M went to the hall to listen to Miss Harvey but we suddenly heard someone say “Match two three four! “in a very loud voice. Everyone was terrified then Sergeant Stockton come in with Guard Oliver , Maddison , Daniel,Sumayah and they took white scrunched up paper and threw it at us.They called up Sadjed and Mischa and they shouted “kneel” .

  4. 0272011aj1 says:

    It was super funny and cool! Miss Stockton (I mean Sergeant Stockton) and her army were marching all over the place telling people to kneel. I wish she could come and visit again.

  5. Fatima says:

    I was really shocked when they came in but then further after I thought it was funny. I feel really sorry for the people and children that are in Ukraine. If you want to know invasions are happening now so don’t think there only happened in the past. There still happening. Everyone that get stuck in a invasion usually comes to a safe country like Britain.

  6. Sukayna says:

    I hope Sargent Stockton comes back off 5 glue sticks

  7. Husna says:

    It’s great to learn about the Romans!

  8. Alizah says:

    It so fun she gave me a shock

  9. 0272013kg1 says:

    This scared me all I heard was 1234 1234 it was actually Sargent Stockton I was shocked I didn’t know what to say.

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