Design Technology – Healthy Desserts

Today we have designed healthy desserts! We completed market research, came up with a design brief, designed our products and then created them!

We decided to focus on a sweet but healthy snack range. Have a look at our amazing creations!

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14 Responses to Design Technology – Healthy Desserts

  1. Husna says:

    The fruit kebabs were delicious! I used kiwi, grapes, strawberries and chocolate sauce on mine.

  2. Husnain Ali says:

    I liked making a fruit dessert. It’s tasted really nice at first I was thinking it might not turn out that good but am pleased now, I used mangos, bananas, strawberries and delicious gloppy raspberry and chocolate sauce.

    Yum yum in my tum!

  3. Husnain Ali mum says:

    Well done class 3T these fruit kebabs look absolutely amazing all that yummy exotic fruit and sauces.
    Good work!

  4. Ashleigh says:

    I hope you enjoyed those they look lovely. you must have worked very hard to make those.
    good work!!! (:

  5. Fatima says:

    It was wonderful doing DT . I put mango ,strawberry and grapes on mine with a buetiful topping of chocolate sauce I did it twice

  6. 0272013mg says:

    The fruit was yummy we had strawberry, grapes and apple the apple was good but year 3 did the best food but I think that we can do it better next time.

  7. 0272013ar says:

    I loved the fruit kebabs because they had lots of fruit ❤️❤️

  8. 0272013fr says:

    I loved making fruit kebab l think l try my best doing it

  9. Husna's Mummy says:

    Great work class! Excellent way to eat more fruit and encourage healthy eating .

  10. Husnain Ali mum says:

    Wow lovely deserts what fantastic ideas for me to try in this summer I bet they tasted really yummy!

  11. Husnain ali says:

    my mum likes the fruit kebabs so I will make one for her, ime an expert on making them.

  12. Husna says:

    The fruit kebabs were great! Whoever invented them must be some kind of genius. Its a great way to make people more fruit.

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