Outstanding Progress!

In Year 3, we all work hard to do well in our learning, and we have made some excellent progress this year.

Here are some of our extra superstars who have worked even harder this year and made some outstanding progress in reading, writing and maths. Well done!





















Examples of their work are now proudly displayed on our outstanding progress wall outside the Year 3 classrooms.

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9 Responses to Outstanding Progress!

  1. 0272011eg says:

    That looks really nice and you must have put so much effort into all of that amazing work year 3! That is amazing!
    Emma-leigh 5B

  2. 0272013za says:

    I like the photos because they looks like they have tried their best!

  3. 0272013za says:


  4. Husna says:

    Wow! What amazing progress you have made in the year. Well done! Keep it up!

  5. 0272013fr says:

    Well done to everybody for working very hard. Keep up with the great work!!

  6. Rayyan says:

    No wonder they say Oxford grove work is quality! Look at this amazing work! There handwriting is on point (used to be better than mine)!

  7. Husna's Mummy says:

    Well done that’s amazing work.

  8. Husnain ali says:

    well done to everyone keep it up looks like a lot of hard work has been put in.

  9. Husna says:

    Keep it up!

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