Classroom Areas

In our classroom, we have lots of different areas! These areas help us to develop our independent learning skills. We have:

  • a reading area
  • a role play area
  • a maths area
  • a writing area
  • a research station
  • a grammar area

What us your favourite area and what do you enjoy about your learning there, Year 3?

Take a look at our photos of us using the areas from this week:

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7 Responses to Classroom Areas

  1. Husna says:

    Me and Farah had a great time in the writing area! We wrote stories about each other. Farah’s story was called The Magic Flower and mine was called The Star Trail.

  2. Husnain Ali says:

    My favourite area was the reading area I liked reading lots of information books.
    I liked reading our class novel (frank ainstine).
    I also liked the maths because I saw we had lots fraction games,I liked the shiney Pens that we can use to do our writing.

    • Husnain ali mum says:

      well done Husnain ali mummy knows how you like keeping upto date with all the information your always full of information teaching mummy things she had never known!
      my clever clogs keep it up.

  3. 0272013mb1 says:

    I loved it because I get to go in the maths area.

  4. Husna's Mummy says:

    I can see you in the video Husna! It always makes me smile to see your pictures and videos at school!

  5. Husnain ali mum says:

    lovely pictures of all the children looking focused shows that the teachers and children work extremely hard theirs no time wasting.
    work work work………..

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