It’s A Mystery…

Our classroom clock has stopped! Mrs Thompson’s maths group have calculated that it MUST have stopped at 2:15am – that is in the middle of the night!

What do you think has happened, Year 3? What magical or mysterious things do you think were going on in our classroom in the middle of the night to make the clock stop?

Tell me your mini-stories in the comments below!

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38 Responses to It’s A Mystery…

  1. Farah says:

    It could be the batteries because they don’t last forever. It was in the middle of the night when the batteries went crazy which made the clock stop. What do you think happened?

  2. Harvey says:

    I think it is a man who is like a chameleon and he blends in with things. Maybe he is the clock. When he gets out of the clock it might be working

  3. Mischa says:

    Maybe a showdown man stopped the clock so it isn’t really Tuesday today it’s Monday. He might still be here, he might be watching. Everything we do in the school, he will be watching. He might follow people home . But if it is Monday, why do people say it’s Tuesday? Mysterious, right?

    • Mrs Thompson says:

      I wonder why he came to our school? Very mysterious!

      • Husna says:

        Maybe he came to our school because he needed a new home and his old one is ruined. Plus, he can’t afford to buy a new house. Maybe he is just harmless.

  4. Husnain-Ali says:

    I think that a troll changed the clock because he might of been sleepy so we could not make noise

    • Husnain Ali says:

      The troll that lives in our school is tired and fed up of all the wandering and roaming he does in the classes that he really needed more sleep so he decides to mess and freeze time by meddling with the cogs,he’s a selfish troll that doesn’t care about time. The troll must of used his eyes and glared at the clock to toatally freeze time he definitely has magic rays from his eyes…
      I wonder if he does this all the time?

  5. Thomas says:

    I think something stopped the clock by its magic powers or something/it broke/it ran out of battery

  6. Husna says:

    I think that on every June 20th a mysterious shadow stops all the time in the world! It only does it at midnight so nobody can see it. That means we are actually not living in the real time! The shadow uses its special tools to break the clock that controls time. Once morning arrives, the mysterious figure fixes the clock so the time is normal again. I wonder if this is what actually happens. Nobody knows….

    • Mrs Thompson says:

      How mysterious!

    • Husna says:

      I wonder why this only happens on June 20th and not on any other day. I think we should speak to scientists about this. This is weird and freaky. Does this figure has a boss or something ( if it does than whoever it is very silly!) or does it do this automatically?

    • Husna's Mummy says:

      That’s sounds plausible Husna!

  7. Mace says:

    Mrs Thompson’s clock has frozen at 2:15am

  8. Thomas R says:

    Mrs Thompson clock has stopped because it needs to be fixed. Mrs Thompson’s clock has stopped because she need a new clock.

    • Mrs Thompson says:

      I’m sure this is probably true, Thomas! But let’s have fun pretending it might be something magical or mysterious instead!

  9. Ayan says:

    I think a ghost Might. Of. Got. In. The. School.

  10. Zainab G says:

    I know how the clock is stopped because a dangerous person has stopped the clock and it is in it.

  11. Rayyan says:

    During the night while we were sleeping something weird happen. It might of been a ghost… He came in by the window. Silly Mrs Thompson left the windows open. The ghost went in the clock and hacked it… Maybe if he’s up for it he might say hello. Who knows?

  12. Mena says:

    I think when it was really hot it burned the battery and went crazy on Tuesday. It’s suposed to be Monday but if the time goes past 12.00 pm its the next day.

  13. Husna says:

    It might be a robo spider in the clock and it has laid loads of eggs. The eggs made the clock all kooky and weird! What do you think will happen when the eggs hatch?
    Will there be a family of robo spiders in the clock?
    Will they die and rot?
    Or will they find a new home ?

  14. Amama says:

    The clock had stopped because a ghost stopped the clock at night. Everybody was talking about it. It was exciting.

  15. Isobelle says:

    I think that a purple and light blue butterfly stole the batteries from the clock to make her clock work because her clock might not work. Her taking our batteries caused our clock to stop ✋ and that’s a bit of a mystery or is it well let’s findout soon wooooo

  16. Ayan says:

    The clock stopped it was mysteriously exciting no one did know what happened to the clock but we did know that the clock had stopped when it was night.

  17. 0272013tr says:

    Mrs Thompson clock has stopped because she need a new clock

  18. Karis says:

    It might be a ghost how haunts the clock when nobody is here and it stops!

  19. Ayan says:

    I think it was a nice frog on a lily pad and the frog might of made The clock stop and after a While the frog fixed the clock.

  20. Ayan says:

    I really think it is a monster that stopp,s clocks and time and they make the clock stop at night he makes it go on at the morning.

  21. Husna says:

    These are all great stories!

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