A Life

Today, we have enjoyed a healthy living workshop with Andrea from A Life!

We worked with 3K and had lots of different activities to choose from, including about healthy eating, salt, sugar, brushing our teeth and getting enough exercise.

In the afternoon, we also took part in a fun circuits exercise session. We all got a bit hot and sweaty!

Tell me something you learned today, 3T.


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In Year 3, we have been working hard on our spelling! We play lots of games, and do lots of learning about spelling to help us learn which are the correct spelling choices for our writing.

Click the picture to play some spelling games from BBC Bitesize:

Don’t forget our amazing online resource, Spellodrome! Click the picture for a quick link (you can find your login in your reading record):

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Science Rocks!

In Year 3T, we love Science! We love it even more now we are looking at rocks, fossils and soils! And we love it EVEN MORE because it matches our new topic about the Stone Age!

Today we have been investigating rocks and their physical properties. We used our cross curricular maths skills to sort them into Carroll diagrams and Venn diagrams in our groups.

Tell me some things we found, Year 3.

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Welcome to 2018!

Welcome back to school for our first day of 2018!What have you been up to over the school holidays?


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We have done so much learning this term about four ancient civilisations and their impact on our world today.

  • The Indus Valley civilisation of Pakistan
  • The Ancient Sumerian civilisation of Iraq (part of Mesopotamia)
  • The Ancient Egyptian civilisation of Egypt
  • The Shang Dynasty of China

Tell me something invented by the ancient civilisations that we still have today.

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Smiley Reward

We have all enjoyed our smiley reward today – the pantomime! We watched a brilliant performance of ‘Beauty and the Beast.’

Well done to everybody in Year 3T who earned their reward – I am so proud of you! What was your favourite part?

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Computer Networks

We have been learning about computer networks, and how they work to manage all the different devices.

Here are Hayden’s and Sana’s network maps:

Year 3T, can you tell me something you have learned about networks?

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In Year 3T, we LOVE science! We have spent lots of time learning about different forces.

We particularly focused on magnetism.

Take a look at our photos to see what we’ve been getting up to in our Science lessons:

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At Oxford Grove, we work hard to make sure that everybody is included in everything. Everybody is given the same opportunities.

We have the Inclusion Quality Mark (Centre of Excellence) award, which shows how hard we work to make sure nobody is left out. 

Tell me about what you think about inclusion, Year 3!

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Our Class Novel – The Stinky Cheese Man

Our current class novel is ‘The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales’ by Jon Scieszka (our class author) and Lane Smith. We have enjoyed comparing each tale to a fairy tale – these versions are much funnier!

Tell me what you think about this book, Year 3!

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