#BeingOurselves – What makes you unique?

Today, we have come to school dressed as our favourite hobbies! We have done this as part of our celebration of Children’s Mental Health Week.

We have spent lots of time talking about our hobbies, our talents and what makes us unique. 

Tell me all about your hobby, Year 3T!

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31 Responses to #BeingOurselves – What makes you unique?

  1. Daniyal says:

    My favourite hobby is football because ever day after school I play football with my dad and tackle him.

  2. Aleksandr says:

    My hobby is collecting Lego people and I like hobby day because we get to talk about our hobby

  3. Lewis says:

    My favourite hobby is football because it is really fun when you have spare time. I LOVE FOOTBALL!

  4. Thomas says:

    My hobby is pokemon called pikachu.

  5. Rayhan says:

    If everyone was the same you wouldn’t feel happy. Imagine if everyone had the same colour, you would feel bored.

  6. Olivia says:

    My hobby is dancing [ hip hop] I like my hobby because it is fun and entertaining and in maths we are going to talk about are hobby after school I go dancing and I get to show people my new dance.

  7. Alena says:

    My hobby is going to a girl guide called Brownies with my friends every Friday. I like Brownies because we make things and we sometimes perform in our groups. The groups are: Rabbits, Badgers , Hedgehogs and Foxes. I’m in the Badgers and my friends are in the Hedgehogs.
    Tonight me, we are having a sleepover tonight. And tomorrow all of the Brownies are going to the Manchester museum and we even get MCDONALDS too ( I think).

  8. Eshal says:

    #SCOTLAND DANCING! This what makes UNIQUE! This is the best thing in this school. I know what Oxford Grove ‘s hobby is it is trying YOUR best.

  9. Megan says:

    I go to brownies . At brownies you play games and you get to do a brownie promise.

  10. Levi says:

    I like having a hobby .

  11. Oliver B says:

    My hobby is a boxer and in the afternoon we are going to talk about our hobby’s

  12. Hayden says:

    Today we are dressing up as up our favourite thing to do in our spare time( hobby ).
    I dressed up like a singer not a rock star. I love singing and making up tunes.

  13. Sana says:

    My hobby is sport and we are going to talk about our hobby.

  14. Molly says:

    My hobby is going to a girl guide, my girl guide is called Brownies. My friends from school that come to Brownies. The groups are called Badgers, Rabbits, Hedgehogs and Foxes. We are having a sleepover with all of the Brownies, after the sleepover we are going to a museum in Manchester. I am really excited to go because I haven’t been before.

  15. Megan says:

    But is not about playing games it’s about respecting other people.

  16. Levi says:

    On Friday I was exited dressing up and I put my clothes on.

  17. Veera says:

    The thing that makes me unique is that I’m not the same and that I love singing, dancing and doing gymnastics. I like doing gymnastics because you become really flexible. I like singing because I like to express my feelings. I like dancing because it makes me feel alive.

  18. Joshua says:

    I am a footballer and I love playing football and I am really good at football.

  19. Pedro says:

    My hobby is football because it is a good sport and also you can get gold medals and trophy s . I like football because its is good and it gifs you lots of energy.

  20. Aleksandr says:

    I liked hobby day because I got to see everybody’s hobby and allot of them were footballers.

  21. Nehal says:

    My hobby is been a narrator because it is exciting.

  22. Oliver B says:

    I really enjoy hobby day because we dress up into amazing out fits.

  23. Sana says:

    I really enjoy hobby day because we can dress up as our favourite hobby and we can do fun things.

  24. Morgan says:

    My hobby is being a dancer and when I get home I put music and I start dancing along.

  25. Nehal says:

    I like been a narrator because I can read poems.

  26. Rayhan says:

    My favourite hobby is martial arts. I like martial arts because it makes me feel active.

  27. Mirella says:

    My hobby is a flower girl because she wears a pink , pretty dress.

  28. Megan says:

    There are lots of girls at brownies so we have groups and they are: badgers, hedgehogs and rabbits .

  29. Eshal says:

    Hobby day was amazing because I got to tell every body about my hobby. If we were all the same like the same colour same hair then it would be boring. Eshal

  30. Oliver B says:

    I really enjoyed hobby day because we needed to stand at the front of the the classroom to talk about our hobby!!!

  31. Megan says:

    My special thing is singing and dancing. I love Brownies.

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