Magical Measuring!

Today, Mrs Thompson’s maths group have been working on measuring in millilitres! We followed the recipes and measured out the magic ingredients in millilitres, and then added them to our potion.

When we had finished, we had to use the chart to work out if we had got the volume correct and what our potion was meant to do!

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4 Responses to Magical Measuring!

  1. Morrall says:

    It looks like you all had lots of fun making your potions. Well done 🙂

  2. Barbara says:

    I had such fun it was fantastic I loved this lesen because it was cool and exciting

  3. Thomas says:

    I had such fun. It was fantastic. I loved this lesen because it was cool and exciting.

  4. Thomas says:

    I enjoyed making potions because it was very exciting and fun

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