Stone Age Workshop

Today, we have enjoyed a fantastic workshop all about the Stone Age!

Mr and Mrs Trevor came into school with some artefacts to teach us all about what life was like in the Stone Age.

We worked as archaeologists to understand how artefacts are found in the ground. We then looked at a Stone Age artefact each as a ‘history mystery’, and had to decide what we thought it was, and what it was used for.

Over the lesson, we found out what each of our artefacts were.

Tell me something you learned, 3T.

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9 Responses to Stone Age Workshop

  1. Alena says:

    Today Mr and Mrs Trevor came in to do a workshop about the Stone Age. A few minutes later Mrs Trevor told us to close our eyes tightly and don’t open them she told us to imagine:
    You are going back in time
    And you are walking with lots of trees around you and all of a sudden a stone age man was walking towards you. He was wearing a hat,leggings, a clothing and ug shoes. And once we opened our eyes Mr Trevor was dressed as a stone age man! I was in so much shock that I thought it was a dream so I rubbed my eyes and I looked again and it was real.

    Then Mrs Trevor told us a story about a mammoth called Buttercup. The story goes like this

    One day she was walking and she was also showing of then she slipped into a swamp and then it got so , so cold that she froze and drowned. She didn’t turn into a skeleton because she was preserved. Then one day sciencetists found because they saw a bit of her foot sticking out. She got the name Buttercup because that was the last thing she ate before she died.

    My favourite part of the workshop was when Mr Trevor got some tools (scraper and a brush)
    And he also put a battered hat on. Mrs Trevor chose me to answer this question
    Who is an archaeologist and wears this hat?

    And I said Indiana Jones. And then Mr Trevor was pretending to dig and at the same time he was whistling the Indiana Jones theme tune

    I loved it because I found out a lot.
    Thank Mrs Thompson and Miss Harvey for letting Mr and Mrs Trevor come in today

  2. Daniyal says:

    The Stone Age was awesome. The surprise was when Mr Trevor changed into a Stone Age outfit.What I learnt was they are so clever there cleverer then me. They made glue from trees!

  3. Barbara says:

    I really enjoyed this workshop because it was fantastic

  4. Megan says:

    I like Mrs Trevor and Mr Trevor because I love learning about new things in the stone age . The stone age people are actuality really smart because they made glue from a tree. I think the Stone Age people are amazing because they made stuff that are really sharp. Did you know in the Stone Age children still had games .Miss Trevor told use a story about a mammoth .The mammoth was called Buttercup. Mr Trevor used to be a archecologist. He has big boots and hat. Did you know that there are lots of layers in the ground?

  5. Hayden says:

    The Stone Age workshop was the best thing that ever happened in my life!:)I learned loads of cool and complicated facts about the amazing Stone Age! I learnt that the Stone Age people didn’t just wear one strip of fur they had coat made of skin. When the Stone Age people lived it was also the Ice Age. It would of been impossible to survive in that cold weather!

  6. Azraa says:

    I liked the workshop because I learnt interesting things

  7. Aleksandr says:

    I enjoyed seeing the artefacts about the stone age because they were old and people used them as a tool.

  8. Azraa says:

    I enjoyed the stoneage because i learnt lose of fings

  9. Daniyal says:

    I loved the Stone Age workshop because I learnt lots of things. The Stone Age people was really clever. They got glue off trees! They was clever but not cleverer than Ancient Egypt.

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