A Life

Today, we have enjoyed a healthy living workshop with Andrea from A Life!

We worked with 3K and had lots of different activities to choose from, including about healthy eating, salt, sugar, brushing our teeth and getting enough exercise.

In the afternoon, we also took part in a fun circuits exercise session. We all got a bit hot and sweaty!

Tell me something you learned today, 3T.


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9 Responses to A Life

  1. Megan says:

    I learned that you should brush your teeth two times a day.

  2. Rayhan says:

    I enjoyed the workshop and I learnt that we need a healthy diet.

  3. Alena says:

    Today A-life came in. When we got in we had to sit down with the other class and to the instructions that Mrs C told us to do.Then Mrs Thompson gave us a number up to the number thirteen. Then once she put us into the number groups me and my group went to a section and we did an activity. The activity was weighing how much junk food is and how much healthy food is , did you know that the junk food was heavier than the healthier food! We had to put all the healthy food on the balancing beam and it still didn’t work!

    After that we went to the cigarette area and did you know that if you smoke about twenty cigarettes it cost the money just for a holiday and if you bought forty cigarettes it cost the money for a car!

  4. Eshal says:

    A-life was so good. Some of the activities were discusting because the fat one was all squishy and slimy. 3T

  5. Eshal says:

    That was so cool because the activities were important. It was all about our bodies. Eshal 3t

  6. Hayden says:

    I learnt that you should have at least 8 to 9 cups of Water a day. We also learned that we should do lots of exercises.

  7. Eesa says:

    A life said that to brush your teeth two times everyday.

  8. Izaan says:

    I like the maths area because it have lots of good games

  9. Aleksandr says:

    I liked the A life PE because there were trampolines and in the morning there were things to keep us healthy. You cant smoke you get holes in your teeth also they turn brown.

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