#BeingOurselves – What makes you unique?

Today, we have come to school dressed as our favourite hobbies! We have done this as part of our celebration of Children’s Mental Health Week.

We have spent lots of time talking about our hobbies, our talents and what makes us unique. 

Tell me all about your hobby, Year 3T!

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Spring 1 Smiley Reward – the Circus

Today we have taken part in our half termly smiley reward!

We loved learning how to juggle with scarves and balls, move the Diablo and balance feathers on our arms, hands and chins!

Ross talked to us about finding our passion for what we like to do, and about hard work and perseverance to help us to practise and get good at our hobbies and interests.


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We love Music!

We are really good at learning different aspects of music. We have been learning about the difference between beat and rhythm, and playing different tunes on the chime bars.

What is your favourite thing about Music?

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Safer Internet Day 2018

This week we have been celebrating Safer Internet Day!

We talked about how to keep ourselves safe online, particularly with online gaming like Roblox and other gaming platforms. We talked about what to do if you receive a message from a stranger, and how to make sure that you only add your real life friends.

We also talked about treating each other respectfully online and how to make sure we are kind and helpful online.

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Over this half term, we have been working on our painting and drawing skills. We have learned how to use different amounts of water to create different textures and tones with watercolours, and how to blend colours together.

We have also researched different Stone Age cave paintings and looked at the style of the drawings. We used this to help us learn what sort of things were important to Stone Age people.

We used watercolours, pencils and oil pastels to create our own Stone Age artwork. Here is a selection of our art:

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Maths Working Wall

In Year 3, we love Maths and we love challenges!

We use our working wall to help us with our learning.

We have the 3, 4 and 8 times tables up so we can use them to chant every day. This way, we learn our times table with confidence.

We have our targets up so we can remind ourselves what we are working on. This term, we are working on different aspects of telling the time.

We have lots of challenges up for us to answer when we are in the maths area. Our maths area is emoji themed, so we have some emoji maths challenges!

When we work hard on a particular method and become confident, Mrs Thompson also photocopies our work and puts it on the working wall as a good example for everyone to see.

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Sculpture Artist Workshop

Today we have taken part in a workshop with a sculpture artist!

We worked in two groups. Tim helped us to create part of a whole school sculpture project.

He showed us how to use masking tape to stick two willow sticks together and then twist them round. We then made these into a leaf shape using more willow sticks to secure them. Eventually, we bound the leaf shapes together to start to form the trunk of an enormous tree.

We can’t wait to see the finished sculpture on display!

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Magical Measuring!

Today, Mrs Thompson’s maths group have been working on measuring in millilitres! We followed the recipes and measured out the magic ingredients in millilitres, and then added them to our potion.

When we had finished, we had to use the chart to work out if we had got the volume correct and what our potion was meant to do!

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Safe Challenge Winners

Well done to the amazing group who managed to complete the Safe Challenge this week in Maths! 

They worked hard to add 3 digit numbers to crack the code to the safe and win the prizes inside – amazing effort!

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Stone Age Workshop

Today, we have enjoyed a fantastic workshop all about the Stone Age!

Mr and Mrs Trevor came into school with some artefacts to teach us all about what life was like in the Stone Age.

We worked as archaeologists to understand how artefacts are found in the ground. We then looked at a Stone Age artefact each as a ‘history mystery’, and had to decide what we thought it was, and what it was used for.

Over the lesson, we found out what each of our artefacts were.

Tell me something you learned, 3T.

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