Circus Smiley Reward!

Today, we had the best morning ever at the smiley reward. This term, a man from the circus came in to teach us lots of circus skills like plate spinning and jingling.

Take a look at some of our photos.

What was your favourite part?

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Music in 3K!

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We love music in 3K! Every Friday, we go to Music at 1 o’clock with Mrs Hudson. We learn lots about beats and rhythms as well as using our voices and instruments to create music.

Who can remember what song we are learning this term?

Can you remember what musical instruments we have used?

Can you remember the notes we use to play the chords to the song?

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Safer Internet Day!

This week, we have celebrated Safer Internet Day! We have talked about keeping safe online especially on games such as Roblox. We talked about only adding people we know it is definitely them and what we would do if we received a message from a stranger. We discussed how to be respectful online and did some fun activities about how people can be made to feel.

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Our Maths working wall!


In 3K, we love learning about Maths and love using the maths area to help us.

In our maths area, we have our targets to remind us about what we are focusing on this term. Can you remember your maths target?
We also have our times tables up to help us recall them. You can even get a challenge from our easy or hard challenge boxes. We fill these up with extra challenges depending on what topic we are covering that week.

We love all the games in the maths area such as multiplication, division and fraction games.

Our working wall is very important when we are problem solving as we use it to help us through each step.

What is your favourite part about the maths area?

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This term, our new topic is all about rocks. We have looked at different types of rocks and categorised them into sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic. We have also researched lots about these groups using our guided reading skills to look for information in books and on the iPads.

What can you tell me about rocks?

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Stone Age workshop!

Today, we have had a brilliant surprise in 3K. Mr and Mrs Trevor came in to teach us all about the Stone Age. We had a fabulous day being archaeologists studying artefacts from the Stone Age. We listened to a story all about a wooly mammoth, Buttercup and when we opened our eyes there was a stone age man in the classroom. We studied his clothes and weapons and found out how they were made.

Can you remember how they were made?

What were his clothes like?

We played games and used the spear to look at a timeline of when the different ages were.

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A Life

What a fabulous morning and afternoon!

Can you tell me anything you have learnt?


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Spelling in Miss King’s literacy!

For our homework and in our lessons, we have been focusing on improving our spelling. We play lots of spelling games and have created poems and ideas for us to remember the spellings!

Can you remember any spellings we learnt?

What are your spellings this week?

If you want to do some extra spelling practise, you can log into spellodrome from our school website!

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This term, Year 3 are going to be working on net and wall games. This is practising skills that would be needed in games such as Tennis and Badminton.

How can we stay when we are using equipment in PE?

Image result for tennis racket cartoon

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Our festive party!

Today, we have been celebrating the festive Christmas season. Father Christmas came to visit us and gave everybody a present. We sang Christmas songs as well with him. After that, we played lots of party games and the winners got a prize! When we had finished the party games, we had lots of party food while watching a film! It was great!

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