Science in 3K!

This term, our new topic in Science is Light! We have already learnt about how we see objects.

Can you remember how we see?
What does opaque?

In the next lesson, we moved onto looked at shadows and how shadows are created. We used the torches to make shadows with our partners.

What shadows did you make?

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Inclusion Quality Mark

We have had some great news at Oxford Grove. Once again, we have maintained the Inclusion Award Centre of Excellence.

We are all so proud! Miss King’s favourite part of the report is when it talks all about our Oxford Grove family.

Whats your favourite part?

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Cross curricular writing!

Today, we have researched a scientist who is linked to our new topic, Light. We found out all about Thomas Edison. Thomas Edison invented the light bulb hundreds of years ago and we still use the light bulbs today! We used the facts we had learnt and all became Thomas Edison for the morning. We wrote letters to Oxford Grove all about our invention.

Can you remember any facts about Thomas Edison?

Take a look at this fabulous letter written by Malaiqa!

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Smiley reward!

We really loved this half term’s smiley reward! We had to work together as a team and some of the activities were really tricky. Well done everyone for filling your smiley chart, meaning you could take part in this fantastic opportunity.

What was your favourite part?



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Inclusion at Oxford Grove!

At Oxford Grove we have lots of awards that we are proud of. We are especially proud of our Inclusion award as we are a centre of excellence. This award means that everybody in our school gets a fair chance and that we understand the importance of equality and diversity.

How are we inclusive in school?

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Matt Goodfellow!

Today we have been lucky enough to have Matt Goodfellow, a performance poet, in our class. We have been learning what makes a good performance. Can you remember the four things we needed to focus on?

We then had a go at writing our own poems. We started by writing poems about what we liked and then moved onto poems about animals. We had so much fun and Matt was very impressed.

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Cross curricular writing!

This week in Miss King’s literacy group, we have been learning all about how to make a mummy! We spent the afternoon writing a set of instructions on how to do this. We learnt lots of disgusting facts about what happens when they make a mummy.

Can you think of what they pulled the brains out with?

What did they store in jars?

Here is an example of our fantastic instructions.

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PE with Miss Lowe!

This week 3K have been working really hard on heir gymnastics skills in PE. They have been working on creating different balances on the aparatus.

Take a look at some of our balances.

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Sports Afternoon


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Mr Bamford’s drumming workshop!

Today, we have taken part in Mr Bamford’s drumming workshop. We spent the afternoon learning lots of chants, rhythms and songs which we then performed to our parents at our music assembly.

Thank you to everybody who attended our Music assembly after school! We hope you enjoyed seeing what we learned in our workshop.

Take a look at some of our photos:

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