Music in 3K!

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We love music in 3K! Every Friday, we go to Music at 1 o’clock with Mrs Hudson. We learn lots about beats and rhythms as well as using our voices and instruments to create music.

Who can remember what song we are learning this term?

Can you remember what musical instruments we have used?

Can you remember the notes we use to play the chords to the song?

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2 Responses to Music in 3K!

  1. Eshal says:

    The song 3k are learning is called adio mama. The musical in struments 3k used were glocanshpeals and xylophones. The notes 3k used to play the chords to the song were DG DG CG CG DA DA DG DG.

  2. 0272014bw says:

    I love music in 3K with Mrs Hudson every Friday afternoon after dinner time. I really like singing in music with Mrs Hudson. On Friday morning there is a quir.

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