A Life

What a fabulous morning and afternoon!

Can you tell me anything you have learnt?


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5 Responses to A Life

  1. Meerab says:

    I had lots of fun and I also learned that we need lots of sleep and not watch the iPad and tv we have to rest to.

  2. 0272014tw says:

    I really enjoyed

    We spent time doing activity’s and I learned you have to 6-8 cups a day.

    We got pictures.

    I worked with Tina, Veera, Hayden✌
    And of course me:)


  3. 0272014bw says:

    I liked the A life because the lady said if we eat to much junk we will not be healthy.if you are addicted to cigarettes you will never have any money because if you buy cigarettes they are about 2 pounds

  4. 0272014bw says:

    The A life is very fun because you have to complete puzzles about your healthy bones.

  5. 0272013gp says:

    What was your favourite part of a-life?

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