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This term in topic, we have been focusing on the Indus Valley. We used our geography skills to look at a map of the world and find where the Indus Valley was and what country it is today!

Can you tell me which country is where the Indus Valley was?

We also looked at different artefacts from the Indus Valley and used our enquiry skills to decide what they were, what they were used for and what they were made out of.

What can you remember?

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3 Responses to Topic!

  1. Lydia says:

    The country were Indus Valley was is now called Iran.

  2. 0272014aa says:

    I like learning about the Indus Valley because it is fun

  3. 0272014tw says:

    Learned All About Interesting Indus Valley

    I learned a lot about the indus valley it was fun about watching the vids and stuff

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