The display team have been working extra hard putting up all new displays up around the school! We have been looking at our new topics for September and producing excellent work to put up.

Take a look

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Art in 3K!

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This year, we have done lots of Art in 3K from cave paintings to still life art. We have researched arts using DK Find out and even written an information text about an artist.

What was your favourite Art topic this year?

What skills have you learnt?

Can you name an artist you have researched and tell me a fact about them?

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Eid Mubarak!

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3K would like to wish, everyone celebrating, a happy Eid! We hope you have an amazing time and we are looking forward to hearing how you celebrated on Monday!

What did you do for Eid?

Why do you celebrate Eid?

Can you research what Eid is about if you don’t already know?

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Image result for musical note

In 3K this term, we have been working on our vocals and singing in two different groups.
Who can tell me what the technical term for that is?

We love working with Mrs Hudson every Friday! We have even been adding some musical instruments into our performances like the glockenspiel and the xylophones.

What’s your favourite part about music?



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This term, we are looking at healthy eating in DT. We have already studied this in Science focusing on exercise and a healthy diet. To link with this, we are going to design, make and evaluate a healthy dessert.

What type of food could we include in our healthy dessert?

Image result for healthy eating

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Art in 3K!

This term, Year 3K are going to be looking at Still Life Art. We will be focusing on the artist Paul Cezanne. We will be looking at his work and how it has evolved over the years. We will even be doing some cross curricular writing about the artist.

Can you tell me what still life art is?

What can you find out about Paul Cezanne?

See the source image

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 Year 3K  love Computing! These first two weeks, we are working on online safety, including how to communicate safely and respectfully online.

We are looking forward to moving onto coding this week and working on 2code to create our own games.

Image result for 2code

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Writing in 3K!

This term, we have started a new genre of writing in 3K. For the next few weeks, we will be focusing on Adventure and Mystery stories. This week, we started off by looking at the features of an adventure story and have planned and written the opening and build up to our stories. We have had competitions with prizes for the best stories including all of our successful criteria.

What was your story about?

Keep a look out for some great stories being posted once we have finished. Will you see your work on here?

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Smiley Reward!

This term, we have all achieved our smiley reward in 3K by filling both sides of our smiley charts for good work and behaviour. The smiley reward was a Military Workshop this term where we learnt to work as a team and got to go on a huge inflatable assault course.

Take a look.

What was your favourite part?

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Stone Age Experience Trip

We had an amazing time learning about how people lived in the Stone Age!

We learned how to make a fire, how to fire a bow and arrow, and how to build a shelter. We even had time to cook some delicious food on the campfire!

Tell me what you enjoyed most about the trip,Year 3!


 Mrs Thompson’s group

Mrs Morris’ group

Mr Smith’s and Mrs Barnett’s group

Mrs Buckley’s group

Miss King’s group

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