A year in the life of 3K!

What an amazing year we have had in Year 3!

Take a look back over some of our best bits…

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Behaviour on the playground!

At Oxford Grove we always try our best to show impeccable behaviour. We do this in lots of ways like following the classroom rules and impressing Mrs Moore on the playground. We make sure we line up sensibly and that there is a person space between each of us.

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How do you make sure that your behaviour is impeccable in school and on the playground?

What rewards can you get for showing impeccable behaviour?

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Our school aims!

This week we have spoken about our school aims and how important they are to what we do every day. Our school aims are at the centre of everything we do!

One school aim that we have focused on this week is learning about the beliefs and values of different religions and cultures in order to foster understanding and respect for them. Some of our pupils have celebrated Eid this week so on Friday afternoon, we celebrated this by having a discussion about why people celebrate Eid, how they celebrate it and the importance. We also did some fabulous Eid activities.

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Eid Mubarak!

Today, we have had a mini Eid celebration where lots of the children shared their experiences from Eid. We discussed why Eid is celebrated and talked about Ramadan (fasting).

Tell me some of your experiences, Year 3!


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Outstanding progress in Year 3!

Husna in Year 3 has made some outstanding progress over the year! She is now producing much lengthier pieces of work which include lots more features such as subordinate clauses, conjunctions and adverbial phrases. She has also learnt to edit her work independently correctly any spelling, punctuation or grammar errors and making improvements.

Take a look at her work from September and her most recent piece!


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Our special visitors!

Here at Oxford Grove, we are waiting for some very special visitors to come and see us. We are waiting for Ofsted to come and inspect our school. Everybody is very exciting to show off Oxford Grove to the inspectors showing all the fabulous work we do and how hard we work every day.


We have also achieved a lot of rewards recently to gain recognition of our hard work, from other inspectors! We are very proud of the work that we do in our books and always make sure that we take great pride in everything we do. We can not wait to show the OFSTED inspectors our amazing books!

What are you looking forward to showing the inspectors?

What lovely things would you like to say to our visitors?

We are all really looking forward to their visit!


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This week, we have started Transition. This is where we visit the class we will be in in September. The children have enjoyed meeting their new class teachers.

Old 3K have been working with Mrs McPhail, their new year 4 teacher.

New 3K (Miss Wright’s current class) have been working with Miss King.

What’s your favourite thing about transition?

Image result for transition in school

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Attendance Reward!


Today, Year 3 have all enjoyed their third attendance reward!

We enjoyed playing on the new astroturf on the field and had lots of fun.

Then we all enjoyed sitting in the circle for a picnic.

Well done, Year 3 – keep coming into school every day to win your next attendance reward soon!

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Bollywood Dancing!

On our last day of school, year 3 worked on a Bollywood dance! We read a story about the Bollywood princess and then learnt some of her moves like praying hands. Can you remember any of the other moves? Some children went to a lunchtime workshop, what fun things did you get up to?

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Smiley reward!

Today, we have been to the Circus for our smiley reward. We have learnt how to juggle and spin plates on a stick.

What was your favourite part?

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