Artist Workshop

This week, we have all been working with the artist again! We have all been at different times but we have all had a turn.


We have enjoyed creating new sculptures which are going to go on display very soon outside our classrooms.



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Stone Age Experience Trip

We had an amazing time learning about how people lived in the Stone Age!

We learned how to make a fire, how to fire a bow and arrow, and how to build a shelter. We even had time to cook some delicious food on the campfire!

Tell me what you enjoyed most about the trip,Year 3!


 Mrs Thompson’s group

Mrs Morris’ group

Mr Smith’s and Mrs Barnett’s group

Mrs Buckley’s group

Miss King’s group

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Life Education Caravan Workshop

This week, we have been visiting the Life Education Caravan. We learned all about the  different parts inside our body, like the liver, stomach and heart. We also learned about the brain and how important it is. It sends messages to different parts of our body to control them.

We talked about different things that can either help or harm our body. Some of these were easy, like sleep helps our body and cigarettes harm our body. However, some were tricky, like medicines. Medicines help us if we take the right amount of the right medicine at the right time. But if we take too much or if we take medicine for somebody else, it can be harmful. So we always need an adult to help us.

Tell me something you learned, 3T! 

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International Women’s Day

Today we have been celebrating International Women’s Day!

We have talked about important women through history and today who have made an impact upon our lives.

Tell me some important women you learned about, Year 3!

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Wheelchair Awareness

Today, we have taken part in a wheelchair awareness session.

We used the wheelchairs and found out how tricky it is to move forwards, backward and turn around.

We learned how people do ‘wheelies’ to move themselves up onto kerbs, but James told us that it took him five years to learn how to do this confidently, so we know this isn’t easy!

We talked about how we can be more aware of wheelchair users and how we should be mindful to give people plenty of space when we are in crowds.

Finally, we tried some wheelchair dancing!

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Our Class Assembly

Today, we did our class assembly! Our assembly was all about internet addiction, and how it is important to enjoy other things too, especially spending time with our friends, exercise and learning.

Lots of our families came to see us! Thanks to all of the parents who could make it, and everybody who helped the children to practise their lines.

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World Book Day!

Today we have enjoyed celebrating World Book Day! We have taken part in lots of book related activities including writing book reviews.

Tell me about your favourite books and why you like them.

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#BeingOurselves – What makes you unique?

Today, we have come to school dressed as our favourite hobbies! We have done this as part of our celebration of Children’s Mental Health Week.

We have spent lots of time talking about our hobbies, our talents and what makes us unique. 

Tell me all about your hobby, Year 3T!

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Spring 1 Smiley Reward – the Circus

Today we have taken part in our half termly smiley reward!

We loved learning how to juggle with scarves and balls, move the Diablo and balance feathers on our arms, hands and chins!

Ross talked to us about finding our passion for what we like to do, and about hard work and perseverance to help us to practise and get good at our hobbies and interests.


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We love Music!

We are really good at learning different aspects of music. We have been learning about the difference between beat and rhythm, and playing different tunes on the chime bars.

What is your favourite thing about Music?

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