We have been doing lots of art the last few weeks. This week in our topic we used straws to blow paint. We were focussing on recreating what we could see.

We have also been working on making a life cycle of a butterfly. We have used tissue paper to build a cocoon, egg, butterfly and leaf. These are going on our new Science display outside the year 2 shared area.

Next week we have got a special visit from a local artist and we are going to look at his work.

What have you enjoyed the most?

Miss Wright


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In year 2 we have a maths-working wall, which all the children use on a daily basis to help with their learning.

The working wall has lots of basic skills displayed.

All of the children have got their current maths target displayed on the wall and as a class we look at ways in which all of the children can achieve their target.

Below are some pictures of our maths-working wall.

What do you use most on our maths-working wall?

What do you enjoy most about our maths area?

Miss Wright is looking forward to your answers.


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A Life!

Year 2 had a visit from A Life today!

We completed a healthy workshop and a fitness session.

Everybody worked extremely hard and we all had lots of fun.

Can you tell Miss Wright one way you can keep healthy?

Miss Wright


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This week we have all worked hard on our spellings.

We have been using our personal dictionaries in our writing lessons.

Miss Wright has also put keywords around our working wall which we are using in our writing.

Miss Wright has also shown us some spelling games that we can use at home to help us.

Keep up the hard work!


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In PE this half term we are focussing on our throwing and catching skills.

This week we have looked at different ways we can throw and catch a ball.

Over the half term we will keep you posted about how our skills improve.

2W 🙂

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Christmas party!

This afternoon we had our Christmas party and a special visit from Santa!

Below are some pictures.

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas.


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This week in maths we have been focussing on lots of basic skills.

We have been working on recalling our 2’s, 5’s and 10 times tables.

We have worked on counting forwards and backwards to 100.

Miss Wright is really impressed with how much your skills have improved this week.

Keep up the hard work year 2!

Can you answer these questions?

5 x 2 =

90 = 10 x ___

100 99 98 ____ ____ 95

7 x 5 =

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Christmas show

Over the past few days Key Stage 1 have been performing the show Whoops-a-Daisy Angel.

Everybody has worked really hard and you all delivered an amazing performance!

Well done Key Stage 1 🙂


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In our History lesson this week we have looked at timelines and what a timeline is.

We made a human timeline in our class, this helped us to see the different events and when they happened.

We then made a timeline for our history books and ordered a sequence of events.

Can you remember when the millennium was?

Can you remember when the First World War was?

Miss Wright is looking forward to your answers.

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Smiley reward!

On Wednesday the whole school watched the pantomime Beauty and the Beast.

Everybody had lots of fun!

What was your favourite part year 2?

Miss Wright


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