Smiley reward

Today the climbing wall visited our school for our smiley reward.

You all tried really hard!

Did you enjoy the climbing wall?

Did you find the wall tricky?

What did you have to do to earn the reward?

Miss Wright


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A Year in the Life of Year 2

What an amazing year we have all had at Oxford Grove! Everybody has worked so hard and you all have lots to be proud of. This year you have taken part in lots of exciting activities. What has been your favourite activity?

What has been your favourite memory from year 2?

What are you looking forward to about year 3?

Miss Wright


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This afternoon we have had a discussion about behaviour in our class.

At Oxford Grove we always make sure all the children show impeccable behaviour.

We also had a discussion about the rewards that you receive for showing impeccable behaviour at Oxford Grove.

What rewards do you get?

How do you show good behaviour?

Miss Wright is looking forward to your answers.



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School Aims

This morning we have looked at our school aims and we have discussed how these are very important to everybody at our school.

One of the school aims that we discussed this morning was making sure that we are all respected and how we respect other religions.

How do we respect other people and their religions?

Can you tell Miss Wright anymore school aims?

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This week I have had a lovely time teaching R.E to year 2W. We have been celebrating Eid. We have been looking and making Mendhi patterns.

Can you tell me what religion celebrates Eid?

What happens at Eid?

Have you had fun this week year 2?

Miss Roberts



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School link

Yesterday year 2 got to meet their school link and it was hosted at our school. St Peters arrived at lunchtime and we had a dance afternoon. Both schools shared the dances that they had been working on.

After we shared our dances we all sat down and got to know each other.

What was your favourite part of the afternoon?

Did you make lots of new friends?

What did you learn about the other school?

How was the school link different to last year?

Miss Wright is looking forward to your answers.


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Last week year 2 completed their two week swimming block. Everybody went swimming every day. You all worked really hard and progressed extremely well over the two weeks.

Did you enjoy your swimming lessons?

What did you learn?

Are you going to carry on learning how to swim?

Below is a photograph of everybody with their certificates.

Well done year 2!

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Outstanding Progress

This year lots of children have made outstanding progress. Everybody has worked really hard and made sure that they have tried their best. To celebrate the children’s achievements there are lots of outstanding progress displays around school.

Have you got any work on an outstanding progress display?

How do you feel when you see your work on the display?

Miss Wright is looking forward to your answers.

Stickman Illustration of Kids Holding Different Awards

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Everybody at Oxford Grove is very excited that Ofsted Inspectors will soon be visiting us. We are very excited because we have got lots of special things that we would like to show and tell them.

Oxford Grove is a very special school and all the teachers and children work very hard. The teachers make sure all the lessons are exciting and they make sure that we know how to improve our work. All of the teachers also do at least two after school clubs a year and we get to put forward ideas of clubs that we would like.

When Ofsted come to visit us what would you like to tell them about?

Miss Wright is looking forward to your answers.


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This week we started transition and everybody met their new class teacher.

This week we have focussed on our class rules and our new class groups.

Have you enjoyed meeting your new teacher?

Can you tell me what the classroom rules are?

Can you explain why we do transition?

Miss Wright

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