The Christmas Story

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In our RE lessons this week we have been learning about the Christmas story with Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus. We have been retelling the story and ordering the events.

Over the past few weeks we have also been rehearsing the KS1 Christmas show ‘Whoops a Daisy Angel’ and on Tuesday and Wednesday we performed in front of parents.

Everybody did so well, you should be very proud!!




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Smiley Reward

This afternoon the pantomime came to school for our Autumn term Smiley Reward. We watched Beauty and the Beast. We really enjoyed it, thank you Miss Harvey!

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Bolton College Link Visit

This morning we went on a trip to Bolton College with another year 2 class from St Thomas’s Primary school. We got paired up with buddies from the other school and carried out 6 different exciting PE activities taught by the students there. We had to work together and participate as teams. We had so much fun and can’t wait to see the children again! We made some super new friends.

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Super Science!

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Our Science topic this half term is all about materials. This week we have been looking at the Morrisons building near school and thinking about why the different materials are suitable for the building.

The walls are made from brick because brick is strong and will hold the building up- Jack

The windows are made from glass because glass is transparent- Stephanie

The shutters are made from metal because metal is thick and hard wearing- Muhammad Zain

The bollards are made from concrete because concrete is thick and strong to keep the people and the building safe- Chloe

Can you remember the disadvantages of glass windows 2B?

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Our Class Assembly

This morning it was our class assembly and we showed off all of our fantastic work we have been doing in class. We have been learning all about Bolton- famous people and places and we even created our very own elephant sculptures in our art lessons.

Everyone did so well- well done 2B!

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Centre of Excellence

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Oxford Grove is a ‘Centre of Excellence’ school.

We recently maintained our status after assessors visited to have a look around. The assessors spoke to children and staff to find out about our inclusive school.

The report has now been shared with us all and we are so proud! The assessors think that our school is extremely well resourced with high quality teaching and learning materials so that pupils can access their learning.

We are proud to be part of the Oxford Grove family!

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Guy Fawkes

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This week in our History lessons we have been learning all about Guy Fawkes and why we celebrate bonfire night.

On the 5th November 1605 Guy Fawkes tried to blow up the houses of parliament but he was caught out just in time! This event was known as the ‘Gunpowder plot’.

What did you do on bonfire night 2B?



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At Oxford Grove we understand that everybody should be treated the same and get an equal chance. This week an assessor came into school to have a look at our amazing school and we maintained the Centre of Excellence Award for Inclusion.

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Smiley Reward!

This morning we took part in a military bootcamp for our first smiley reward! We took part in three exciting activities and we had a very fun morning!

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Poet Matt Goodfellow

Today we had a very special visitor in school. Matt Goodfellow is a poet and he came to work with year 1 and year 2! In the morning we had an assembly and Matt let us listen to and join in with some of his favourite poems. In the afternoon we made up two of our very own poems with him and used actions to perform! We all worked very hard and had lots of fun!

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