Eid Mubarak

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This week lots of children in our school have been celebrating Eid. Eid is a Muslim celebration which come at the end of Ramadan, a month of fasting.

We learned about Eid and compared it with celebrations from other religions, then we made Eid cards for all our friends who are celebrating.

Eid Mubarak!

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What was the seaside like?

In our History lessons we have been learning all about the seaside and how holidays have changed over time. We used the computers to research and though of some questions we might ask about holidays in the past. Then one of our governors Mrs Worsley came in and answered some of them for us.

What did Mrs Worsley tell us about holidays from the past year 1?

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Cross Curricular Music

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In our music lessons we are building on our recent transport topic by learning a song all about transport!

We are learning how to keep a beat and we are using instruments to add our own rhythms to the music.

Well done Year 1.

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Amazing animals

Our science topic is all about humans and animals. We have learned to classify animals into groups. We learned that humans are mammals. We have also looks at other groups and learned that animals with wings and feathers are called birds. We looked at birds that you could find in the U.K. and thought about their features.

‘Birds live in nests in the trees’ – Sky

‘Birds lay eggs and keep their nests high so predators don’t eat them’ – Rayyan

‘Birds need wings so they can fly to their nests’ – Mahir

We took advantage of the lovely Spring weather and went outside to spot some birds nests. We thought about bird’s habitats and what materials they used to build their nests. We used the materials on the field to build our own nests.

Well done year 1R. What kinds of animals are predators to birds?

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Cross curricular computing

This half term one of our topic lessons in about holidays in the past. We know that we can look in books to find out information about the past. We also know that we can use the internet to find out things we want to know. We followed our safe internet rules and did some research on the computers.

We found out lots about past holidays.

‘People in the past liked to ride on donkeys’ – Jason

‘People in the past made sandcastles like us’ – Penny

‘People in the past liked to swim in the sea’ – Layla

‘People in the past brought parasols to protect them from the sun’ – Jasmine

Brilliant computing year 1. Can you think of any other things people did on holiday in the past.

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Our Transport Assembly

Yesterday we performed our assembly. It was all about transport and what we had been learning in our History and D.T. topics.

Thank you to all the parents who came to share our assembly with us. We had a great time performing to our parents and families and everyone was very proud of us, especially Miss Roscoe.

Well done 1R!

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Wonderful writing

In 1R we have been learning all about traditional tales. We have read the story of Hansel and Gretel and have been thinking about the gingerbread house.

We thought about what it would feel like to visit the house and what all the treats and sweets would taste like. We shared our ideas and came up with lots of adjectives that we could use in our writing to describe the setting in the story.

Well done Year 1R great writing!


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Our Bodies

In science we are learning all about our bodies. Today we were naming the parts of our bodies that we can see and the parts that we can’t see.

We started by drawing round some of the children in our class. Then we labelled all the parts of our body that we can see. After that we looked at a special vest that shows us inside our bodies. We used the stethoscopes to listen to each other’s hearts and then we labelled our pictures with the parts that we can’t see.

Super science today Year 1! Can you tell me some body parts either on the outside or inside?

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A visit from the artist

On Wednesday we had a visit from James Naughton an artist who lives in Bolton. He showed us some of his paintings and we got the chance to paint a picture of our own.

We had fun creating a forest picture using paint, rags and paintbrushes. We had to think about light and the order of the background and foreground.

‘I liked painting the trees’ – Franciszek

‘ I liked wiping off the paint with the rag’ – Jasmine

‘ I  liked using the brush to paint the trees ‘ – Ucena

‘ My favourite part was painting the leaves on my tree’ – Mahir

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International Women’s Day

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Yesterday was International Women’s day and in year 1 we celebrated by learning all about Florence Nightingale. Florence Nightingale was a special lady because she cleaned up the hospital where poorly soldiers were being looked after. She bought them new clothes, fruit and bandages to help them get better. Hospitals were changed because of Florence Nightingale.

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