Wonderful writing

In 1R we have been learning all about traditional tales. We have read the story of Hansel and Gretel and have been thinking about the gingerbread house.

We thought about what it would feel like to visit the house and what all the treats and sweets would taste like. We shared our ideas and came up with lots of adjectives that we could use in our writing to describe the setting in the story.

Well done Year 1R great writing!


Our Bodies

In science we are learning all about our bodies. Today we were naming the parts of our bodies that we can see and the parts that we can’t see.

We started by drawing round some of the children in our class. Then we labelled all the parts of our body that we can see. After that we looked at a special vest that shows us inside our bodies. We used the stethoscopes to listen to each other’s hearts and then we labelled our pictures with the parts that we can’t see.

Super science today Year 1! Can you tell me some body parts either on the outside or inside?

A visit from the artist

On Wednesday we had a visit from James Naughton an artist who lives in Bolton. He showed us some of his paintings and we got the chance to paint a picture of our own.

We had fun creating a forest picture using paint, rags and paintbrushes. We had to think about light and the order of the background and foreground.

‘I liked painting the trees’ – Franciszek

‘ I liked wiping off the paint with the rag’ – Jasmine

‘ I  liked using the brush to paint the trees ‘ – Ucena

‘ My favourite part was painting the leaves on my tree’ – Mahir

International Women’s Day

Image result for international womens day

Yesterday was International Women’s day and in year 1 we celebrated by learning all about Florence Nightingale. Florence Nightingale was a special lady because she cleaned up the hospital where poorly soldiers were being looked after. She bought them new clothes, fruit and bandages to help them get better. Hospitals were changed because of Florence Nightingale.

Image result for florence nightingale


Transport Museum

Today Year 1 had a trip to the Transport Museum in Bury. Our History topic this half term is all about transport so it was great to see all the old buses, cars, trams and engines.

We also made a head start on our next DT topic which is all about wheels and axles. We made our own vehicles and got to test them out on the slope. We all had a great day and learned lots to help us back in class.

World Book Day

Today is world book day and we have been talking about reading and sharing our favourite books. Miss Roscoe’s favourite book is Aliens Love Underpants all about some aliens who come to earth to steal our pants! She likes it because of all the rhyming words and she thinks it is also very funny.

Image result for world book day

What’s your favourite book year 1? Can you tell me about it?

Music in year 1

On Fridays we have our Music lessons with Mrs Hudson. We have been learning about beats and rhythms. We have learned to use the tap sticks to tap out the rhythm to a song called ‘sticks’. Next half term we will combine our rhythm with a steady beat to play the whole chant, it will be very tricky but Miss Roscoe thinks we will be great!


We had a visit from a circus performer. We practised juggling, plate spinning and balancing. We all had lots of fun and we learned some skills as well.

‘ I liked watching the man juggle’ – Rayyan

‘ The plate spinning was my favourite’ – Penny

‘I liked practising my juggling skills’ – Ucena

Safer Internet Day

The 6th February was safer internet day and year 1 took the opportunity to learn all about staying safe on the internet. We talked about some of the websites and games we go on that connect to the internet and how some games like Roblox can connect us to strangers. We discussed only playing these games with our friends and not sharing personal information online. Image result for roblox

We also talked about some of the feelings we might feel when we are using the internet. We watched a video all about it on SID tv. We decided that saying nice things and paying people compliments felt a lot better than saying horrible things about each other. Also that if anything on the internet makes us angry or scared we need to log off straight away and tell an adult. We made smiley faces to show how we want to feel and also how we want other people to feel when they are using the internet.