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This week in our computing lessons we have been using 2code on purple mash. We have been giving algorithms to move the sprites on the screen and we have even moved on to debugging!

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This week in our Literacy lessons we have been planning and writing a set of instructions.

We included:
Numbered instructions
Time connectives
Bossy verbs
Top tips

Can you think of different things you might need instructions for year 2?

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Spring Term Smiley Reward

This morning the military army boot camp came to school for our Spring Term smiley reward! We got ourselves warmed up and got to race against each other on the inflatables! We had lots of fun!

What was your favourite part of the morning 2B?

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Class Assembly

This morning it was our class assembly. We showed off all of our Science learning in class including growing, keeping healthy and hygiene! Well done 2B!


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Design Technology

This half term in DT we have been researching, planning and making a healthy dish. We looked at the different food groups and came up with a healthy sandwich. This afternoon we made our sandwiches using the knives carefully to slice and chop.


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The Life Caravan

Today the Life Caravan came to school and we got to visit and take part in different activities. We looked at the body and different body parts, feelings and emotions and how we should deal with different situations.

What did you enjoy the most year 2?


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International Women’s Day

Florence Nightingale for Kids

Today is International Woman’s Day and we have been celebrating this in class.

We have been learning all about Florence Nightingale. Florence Nightingale was a nurse and she went to work in a hospital in Turkey. When she arrived she thought the conditions were very poor so Florence decided to make it better by buying bandages, food and clothes. She also made the hospital much cleaner.

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Food Chef

Today the Food Chef came to work with year 2. We looked at a healthy food plate and used this to make pizza and lemonade!

Can you remember which toppings you put on your pizza?

What was your favourite part?


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World Book Day!

Today is World Book Day and we celebrated this in school! In our guided read lesson we all shared our favourite book and gave reasons about why it is our favourite book.

Would you like to share your favourite book?

Why is it your favourite book?




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Hobby Day!

Today we came to school dressed up in our favourite hobby outfits! We did lots of fun activities all about how we look after ourselves and we got to tell the class about our chosen hobby. It is important to have hobbies to enjoy and keep ourselves happy!

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