A Year in the Life of…2B!

What an amazing year 2B! Everyone has worked so hard and you have all made brilliant progress with your learning this year!

I am extremely proud of you all!

Miss Bimson x

We have made some fantastic memories… lets take a look back at some of our best bits…

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School link

Today we had a visit from our link school.

It was lovely to catch up again.

We had three different activities. Below are some pictures.

Which was your favourite activity?

What did you learn?

Did you make lots of friends?

Miss Wright is looking forward to your answers.

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Displays at Oxford Grove

Image result for art displays

During transition we have been working in our new classes, so all our displays are being renewed, ready for new topics. Our displays throughout school are used to promote and enhance our learning. We have key words, vocabulary and strategies to support us with our learning.

We have been celebrating how wonderful all of our teachers and teaching assistants are for all the hard work and time they put into our class and corridor environments! They always look amazing! Thank you so much!


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Image result for withy and paper sculptures

This week KS1 have been working with Tim Davies Education to create a new sculpture display. We have been using withy and paper sculpting to create a large scale enchanted forest. We have worked together in groups and supported each other with this project!


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Image result for eid

This week lots of children have been celebrating Eid! Eid is a Muslim celebration which is at the end of Ramadan (a month of fasting). We have been talking about how different religions have different celebrations- we have also been comparing how some religions are similar!

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Related image

This week in music we have been learning a song all about a pirate ship. We have started to add the tap sticks to create a steady beat as well as adding actions to remember the key parts of the song. Mrs Hudson has been very impressed with us!

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Mini Golf Smiley Reward

This morning we took part in  mini golf for our Summer 1 smiley reward. We had lots of fun working in teams to  try and get a hole in one!

We are now working really hard to earn a gold award from Miss Harvey!

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Completed DT puppets

This week  we finished making our puppets for DT. We looked back at our designs to stick the eyes and pom poms, then attached the paper plate and straw slider to make it pop up!  

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Our next History topic

Image result for neil armstrong and christopher columbus

In year 2 we have been thinking about our next history topic- Great Explorers! We will be finding out all about Neil Armstrong and Christopher Columbus and what they discovered! We are very excited to find out more about space!

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Design Technology

This week in DT we have started making our puppets. We designed them last week and today used felt, thread and needles to sew the body parts together. It was tricky but we worked really hard! Next week we will be adding the slider to complete our pop up puppet!

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