A Year in the Life of Year 2B

What an amazing year it has been 2B! Lets have a look at some of our wonderful memories this year…

What have you enjoyed most this year?

What are you looking forward to next year?

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Climbing Wall

Today the climbing wall came to school for our final smiley reward this year! It was so exciting! We put the harnesses on and tried to climb all the way to the top! Lydia and Alena got the furthest! We had such a great time, thank you Miss Harvey!

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Behaviour on the Playground

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This week we have been talking about how we should behave when we are on the playground.

We should play nicely with other children

Only one person is allowed on the equipment at a time

When the whistle is blown we stop and give 5

We walk to our lines silently

We line up leaving a person space

If we do all of these things we will have a fun and safe playtime with happy teachers.

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Our School Aims

This week we have been thinking about our school aims and we been discussing the importance of them.

We have been focussing on one aim in particular this week:

‘To learn about the beliefs and values of different religions and cultures in order to foster understanding and respect for all’

In our RE lessons we have been talking about how we have  many different cultures and religions at Oxford Grove and it is very important to respect everyone. We are all different and we celebrate our differences together.

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Swimming Lessons

For the past 2 weeks we have been doing swimming lessons at the Jason Kenny Centre in town. We have been learning how to swim forwards, backwards and some of us even got to tread water and dive! We have had such a great time swimming and we are very happy with our certificates!


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Link School Dance Performance

This afternoon St.Peters year 2 children came to visit our school to take part in a joint dance performance! When the children arrived, we sat together with a biscuit and juice and got to know each other before starting. We then worked in different groups and performed our 4 dances we had been learning. It was such a fun afternoon and we made many new friends! We can’t wait for our next link school visit!


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In year 2 we are very excited for our Ofsted inspection which is due very soon. We can’t wait to show the inspectors how wonderful our school is!

At Oxford Grove we are one big family and we all look after each other. We work extremely hard and so do all of our teachers! We take pride in everything that we do and we are proud of what we achieve.

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This week we have spent Monday and Tuesday in Year 3 with Mrs Thompson. We have been learning our new class rules and showing Mrs Thompson our beautiful handwriting. We have been getting used to Year 3 then in September we can get straight on with our new Key Stage 2 work! We now have transition every week until we break up for the summer holidays- we can’t wait for next week!

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Investors In Pupils Award

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We are very pleased to announce we have renewed our Investors in Pupils Award for the school. Investors in Pupils is all about pupil voice and participation. It helps pupils find out about their school, the jobs of everyone in it and that the school has a budget. It supports children in setting targets and recognising the importance of the roles and responsibilities of everyone in school.

Mrs Calland has been working very hard gathering evidence for all the amazing things we do in school and on Friday an assessor came in to see everything we carry out. He spoke to staff and children and was extremely pleased with what he saw and heard. We are very happy to uphold this amazing award! Well done Oxford Grove!


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Today we were very lucky to take part in a Bollywood dance workshop! We began with a variety of fun warm up activities before learning a traditional Bollywood dance. This exciting opportunity gave us a great insight to the Indian culture involving music, dance and movement. It was a fantastic learning experience!

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