What a lot of number work we have been doing. We have been busy learning about place value and making numbers practically using the tens and the ones.

Some of us have been having fun adding in our superhero maths area!

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Welcome back everyone!

WOW! What a fantastic first week back we have had in 2H.

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We have started to learn about our new topics which are very exciting!

We have been busy making clay elephants in Art, learning about different materials in Science and all about our local area in Geography.

What have you enjoyed most so far in Year 2?

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Reading Day!

Today is Reading Day and we have loved sharing our favourite stories with Miss Harrison!

Miss Harrison’s favourite book is The Rainbow Fish because it’s all about friendships, happiness and sharing which are three of her favourite things.

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What is your favourite story and why?

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What a Year


What an  amazing year we have had this year. I cant  believe how busy we have been and how much learning we have packed in to our time in Year One.

We have celebrated lots of festivals and investigated many new things. We have researched and read and had fun with our friends. We have worked on our resilience and developed a strong sense of pride in all that we do an d set out to do in  the future.

We cant wait to take the next step in our adventure and see what fun Year Two brings.

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The children in Year One have been working hard with the artist to create some wonderful art work for the new Key Stage 1 Workshop Area. Can you guess what they may be creating?


 This week we have been celebrating how wonderful all of our teachers and teaching assistants are for all the hard work and time they put into our class and corridor environments!

They always look amazing! Thank you for making our school look fantastic!


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Eid Celebrations

See the source image

1B would like to wish, everyone celebrating, a happy Eid! We hope you have an amazing time and we are looking forward to hearing how you celebrated on Monday!

What did you do to celebrate?

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Smiley Reward

This morning we took part in  mini golf for our Summer 1 smiley reward. We had lots of fun working in teams to  try and get a hole in one!

We are now working really hard to earn a gold award from Miss Harvey!



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Our science topic is all about humans and animals. We have learned to classify animals into groups. We learned that humans are mammals. We have also looks at other groups and learned that animals with wings and feathers are called birds. We looked at birds that you could find in the U.K. and thought about their features.


We took advantage of the lovely Spring weather and went outside to spot some birds nests. We thought about bird’s habitats and what materials they used to build their nests. We used the materials on the field to build our own nests.

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We have been very busy in our computing lessons making sprites move and designing our own screen savers! We have been using 2code to help us and Mrs Bevin has been very impressed!

Earlier this week we have been using the 2graph software to do some cross curricular learning about transport and the number of wheels.

Here are some of the block graphs we have made.


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