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At Oxford Grove we understand that everybody should be treated the same and get an equal chance. This week an assessor came into school to have a look at our amazing school and we maintained the Centre of Excellence Award for Inclusion.

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Smiley Reward!

This morning we took part in a military bootcamp for our first smiley reward! We took part in three exciting activities and we had a very fun morning!

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Poet Matt Goodfellow

Today we had a very special visitor in school. Matt Goodfellow is a poet and he came to work with year 1 and year 2! In the morning we had an assembly and Matt let us listen to and join in with some of his favourite poems. In the afternoon we made up two of our very own poems with him and used actions to perform! We all worked very hard and had lots of fun!

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Sports Afternoon!

This afternoon was year 2 sports afternoon! We took part in lots of exciting races and competed to gain 1st 2nd and 3rd place.

Well done 2B!! You all did so well!

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Famous People from Bolton!

This week as part of our History topic, we have been researching famous people from Bolton. We used the ipads to collect information and then created our own information text all about them. We remembered to include a title, subheadings and conjunctions to extend our ideas.

Can you remember any other famous people from Bolton year 2?

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Cross Curricular Writing

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This week as part of our Geography  topic we have been finding out about significant  places in Bolton. We used the Ipads to research and then created a fact file for each place. We remembered to use subheadings, capital letters and full stops. We found out about the Macron Stadium, Winter Hill, The Town Hall, Moss Bank Park and lots more!

Which place did you enjoy finding out most about 2B?

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Stomp Project!

Today year 2 have had a very exciting day! Mr Bamford has been in school working with us all day to work up to a final music and singing performance after school. All of the parents were very impressed with our hard work!


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Amazing Writing!

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This week we received an exciting video message from our class Author Anthony Browne! He wanted 2B to create a new version of the story Willy the Wimp. We used a story map and planned out our new ideas to create our very own story! We had lots of fun!

Which other Anthony Browne stories do you know?

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This week in our Literacy lessons we have been learning exciting poems by our new class poet! We have recited a poem and even created our own version using nouns.

Can you remember who our class poet is year 2?

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School Priorities

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This year one of our whole school priorities is making sure we cover maths links within all our topic areas.

Over the next few weeks we will be covering lots of maths skills within our topic, science and art lessons too!

Which topic are you enjoying the most 2B?

Can you remember which subject Miss Bimson is in charge of in school?



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