Maths in Year 1

In our first few weeks, we have been working on numbers in maths. We have been doing lots of counting forwards and backwards, using number lines and hundred squares to help us count bigger numbers.

Here are some of us working on counting objects using teen numbers:

What do you like best about Maths?

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Sports Afternoon

Wow, our Sports Afternoon was amazing!

We had so much fun in all our races! Well done to everybody who won stickers and everybody who took part and had lots of fun!

Thanks so much to all the parents and carers who came along and supported us.

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Our first week in Year 1

Wow, we have had an amazing first week in Year 1! 

In Science, we went out onto the playground to investigate the different types of plants that were there. We will be spending lots of time investigating during our Science work!

What have you liked best about Year 1 so far?

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Reading Day

Today we have loved sharing lots of different stories with Mrs Thompson and Miss Khan!

Miss Khan’s favourite book is ‘Room on the Broom’ because it is all about people helping each other and being kind.

Mrs Thompson’s favourite book is ‘The Hairy Toe’ because it’s a bit scary and she loves scary stories!

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Welcome to Year 1T!

Welcome to Year 1T! 

Take a look at our Welcome video to find out all about what we do in our new Year 1 class.

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