Hobby day

Today we all dressed up in our hobby outfits to celebrate Children’s Mental Health Week. We spoke about our hobbies and the things that make us special. It’s important to make time to do the things we like so we can stay happy.


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We had a visit from a circus performer. We practised juggling, plate spinning and balancing. We all had lots of fun and we learned some skills as well.

‘ I liked watching the man juggle’ – Rayyan

‘ The plate spinning was my favourite’ – Penny

‘I liked practising my juggling skills’ – Ucena

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Safer Internet Day

The 6th February was safer internet day and year 1 took the opportunity to learn all about staying safe on the internet. We talked about some of the websites and games we go on that connect to the internet and how some games like Roblox can connect us to strangers. We discussed only playing these games with our friends and not sharing personal information online. Image result for roblox

We also talked about some of the feelings we might feel when we are using the internet. We watched a video all about it on SID tv. We decided that saying nice things and paying people compliments felt a lot better than saying horrible things about each other. Also that if anything on the internet makes us angry or scared we need to log off straight away and tell an adult. We made smiley faces to show how we want to feel and also how we want other people to feel when they are using the internet.



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Amazing art

This half term our art topic is all about printing. We have looked at a famous print designer called William Morris. We had used stampers and rollers and we are planning a print of our own based on his designs. We are hoping that our prints will make great wallpaper!

Image result for william morris

What did William Morris base his designs on year 1?

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Time for Maths

As well as working on our adding and taking away, year 1 have been learning how to tell the time. We have learned to read o’clock and half past on a clock face and have even had a try at drawing the minute and hour hands on ourselves! Great maths year 1.


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Wonderful weather

Our science and topic lessons this half term are all about the seasons and the weather. It is Winter right now and in Winter the weather is usually cold, icy, snowy and rainy. We looked at weather forecasts and filmed one of our own using green screen.

Well done Year 1, great forecasts.

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Keeping Healthy

Today we got a visit from A-Life. They taught us how to be healthy by washing properly, brushing our teeth, exercising, eating healthy food and drinking lots of water. We had fun using the equipment to learn about our bodies and how to look after them.

‘I liked the video about keeping healthy’ Kean

‘I liked learning about exercise’ Luca

‘I liked the pretend food and putting it in the right place’ Penny

‘ Finishing the food puzzle was fun’ Rashid

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Super Spellings

In year 1 we practise our spellings every week. We have a green spelling book where we look, write, cover and check the words to see if we have spelled them correctly.

Image result for spellings

We also practise our 100 high frequency words as part of our literacy lessons.

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The Gruffalo Live

Today we went on a trip to see the Gruffalo Live at The Lowry. We have been reading the story of the Gruffalo in our class so we were all very excited to see the Gruffalo Live on stage.

‘My favourite part was when the Owl was marching’ – Alfie

‘I liked the owl’s twit twoo’ – Haris

‘It was funny when the Gruffalo hid in the crowd and scared everyone’- Luca

‘I liked the snake’ – Malaci

‘I liked it at the beginning when the mouse was singing’ – Amelia

‘I liked it when we had to roar and scare the animals’ – Mohammed

‘ I liked the cute way the mouse spoke’ – Penny

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Our Christmas Show

Key Stage 1 had a great time performing our Christmas show for our parents. We performed ‘Whoopsie Daisy Angel’ and had great fun singing and dancing to all the songs. Well done Key Stage 1.

Merry Christmas everybody!

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