Magic Materials

Image result for materialsOur topic this half term is all about materials. We need to find out what material would be best for the three pigs to build their houses from. We started by researching lots of materials in our DT lessons, we looked at whether a material was soft or hard. We decided why the materials were used to make objects around the classroom.

In science, we went on a material hunt around our classroom to find things made from paper, fabric, plastic, rubber, stone, wood and metal. We found lots of things made from lots of different materials.

Can you tell me why wood was a good material to make Miss Roscoe’s desk from Year 1R?

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Today is Diwali. Diwali is the Hindu festival of light. We made diva lamps to celebrate Diwali in our class.

‘At Diwali people decorate their house by drawing a flower pattern with rice called a Rangoli’ – Anjola

‘Hindu people decorate their houses with diva lamps at Diwali’ – Jacob

‘There are lots of fireworks at Diwali’ – Brooke

‘Hindu people give presents at Diwali’ – Franciszek

‘People wear new clothes because it is is the new year and a new beginning’ – Luca

Brilliant learning about Diwali 1R. Can you remember who the story of Diwali is about?

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Traffic Survey

In our Topic lessons we have been learning about transport. Today we went out to conduct a transport survey. We took clipboards and a pencil and we looked at how many cars, vans, lorries, buses and bikes that we could see on the road. We also saw an unusual mode of transport on the field. We were surprised to see a tractor!

We recorded our information in a table and we used the computers to make a graph to show what we had seen.

Great work 1R. What mode of transport did we see the most of?

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Smiley Reward

Today 1R had a visit from military fitness for our half term smiley reward. We all had lots of fun doing lots of different activities and doing lots of exercise.

‘My favourite part was sliding down’ Penny

‘I liked going into the tunnel’ Leah

‘I liked when we had to show some groovy moves’  Rashid

‘Putting the blocks on the tower was my favourite part’ Jason

‘ I liked climbing up the wall’ Brooke

‘Pulling the blocks out of the tower was fun’ – Luca


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A visit from a poet.

Today Matt Goodfellow came to our school and he shared with us some of his poems. We worked together to learn a poem with actions and then performed it for the rest of our class.

We also wrote our own poem about the playground. It’s called ‘Out on the Playground’.

We play tig,
out on the playground.

We go in the tunnel,
out on the playground.

We play hide and seek,
out on the playground.

We play chase,
out on the playground.

Great poem 1R, can you learn it and put some actions to it to perform to Miss Roscoe?

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Inclusion at Oxford Grove

Oxford Grove is a centre of excellence for inclusion. We even have an award to prove it! At our school we think it’s really important that everybody gets a fair chance. We also understand that everybody should be treated equally.

Image result for inclusion

How do people get treated fairly and equally at our school 1R?

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Bus Bot!

This afternoon 1R have met Bus Bot, a Bee bot who wanted to dress up as the naughty bus for Halloween. We have helped him by using directional language to retrace the route the Naughty Bus took in the story.

We used an algorithm to tell the Bus Bot which direction he needed to go, we learned that an algorithm is a set of instructions that tell computers what to do. The Bus Bot had to move forwards, backwards and do quarter turns to the left and right. Can you remember all the places he visited in the story 1R?

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Compass points

In our cross curricular write this week we looked at four compass points, North, South, East and West. We went outside to see what we could see in all four directions.

We wrote sentences about what we could see. We were careful to use capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. In the North we could see the school. What could you see in the other directions year 1?


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Handa’s Hen

Today we have been learning about Handa’s Hen. We worked together to retell the story. We used time connectives to perform the story to the rest of our class.

First Mondi was lost. Next Handa found three mice. Then Handa found five sunbirds. After that Handa found seven frogs. Finally Handa found Mondi and her baby chicks.

Great retelling 1R! What was your favourite part of the story?

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Amazing Animals

We went onto the yard to hunt for animals as part of our science lessons. We found ladybirds, some slugs, a snail, spiders and a caterpillar.

We had a great time and were surprised at how many animals we saw. Well done 1R.

Can you remember any of the plants we saw in our school playground?

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