Safer Internet Day

The 6th February was safer internet day and year 1 took the opportunity to learn all about staying safe on the internet. We talked about some of the websites and games we go on that connect to the internet and how some games like Roblox can connect us to strangers. We discussed only playing these games with our friends and not sharing personal information online. Image result for roblox

We also talked about some of the feelings we might feel when we are using the internet. We watched a video all about it on SID tv. We decided that saying nice things and paying people compliments felt a lot better than saying horrible things about each other. Also that if anything on the internet makes us angry or scared we need to log off straight away and tell an adult. We made smiley faces to show how we want to feel and also how we want other people to feel when they are using the internet.



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  1. Mrs Thompson says:

    Wow, 1R! Amazing online safety learning!

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