A year in the life of 1M

What a wonderful year you’ve had 1M!

Tell me your favourite parts of year 1!

Mrs McPhail

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At Oxford Grove we always try our best to show impeccable behaviour. We do this in the classroom, the lunch hall and in the playground.

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How do you make sure that your behaviour is impeccable in school and on the playground?

What rewards can you get for showing impeccable behaviour?

Mrs McPhail

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Eid Mubarak

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Some children in our class have had a very special celebration this week and they have had great fun telling us all about it! We were so interested that we decided to learn more about it as a class. 

How did you and your family celebrate Eid? What other religious occasions do you celebrate year 1?

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School aims

This week we have spoken about our school aims and how important they are to what we do every day. 

Our favourite aim is all about inspiring a love of learning and year 1 decided that they really do love learning at Oxford Grove!

How else do we meet these aims at Oxford Grove?

Mrs McPhail

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Blackpool Zoo

Last week we visited Blackpool Zoo to support our learning in science about animals.

Year 1 thoroughly enjoyed the trip and got to see many animals they had never seen before.

We also got to learn about life cycles and the zoo keeper let us touch lots of artefacts as well as a live hissing cockroach! Mrs McPhail wasn’t keen on that part!

What was your favourite part of the trip?


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Special visitors

This week we have spoken about how we are expecting to welcome some very special visitors in our school very soon.

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Year 1 are very excited to be able to show Ofsted how hard they work everyday and the fabulous progress they have made this year. There are so many things that make Oxford Grove special!

What do YOU think makes our school so amazing? What would you like to show the Ofsted inspectors?

Mrs McPhail

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This week we got to spend some time with our new year 2 class teacher. We really enjoyed going in to year 2 and we felt very grown up.

We have shown Miss Bimson how good our handwriting is and how well we can work independently.

We have really enjoyed visiting the year 2 classroom and look forward to going again next week! We are very excited to use the amazing areas that Miss Bimson has made for us!


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Bollywood dancing


We had great fun Bollywood dancing today! What was your favourite part? Did you enjoy the story?

Mrs McPhail

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Smiley reward

 Wow! Another fantastic smiley reward enjoyed by 1M!

What fantastic circus performers you were.

Caysey said ‘I really liked the feather trick, I could balance it on one finger!’

Maliha said ‘I liked twirling the ribbon and making nice shapes with it.’

Oscar said ‘I liked the circus visiting because it was so much fun learning to do tricks.’











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Investors in pupils


Image result for INVESTORS IN PUPILS

Oxford Grove currently has the Investors in Pupils award but we are going to be visited again very soon and we are always working very hard to show that we still deserve this award.

In year 1 everyone has a part to play in looking after our classroom and school and everyone helps look after each other. We all have class jobs such as book monitor, librarian, line leader and many more. Year 1 take their roles very seriously and they enjoy having responsibilities in class.

In our classroom we have a class promise and a class prayer, these help to remind us to be kind to each other and to do the right thing.

Everyone in class has their own personal target that they are working towards. Mrs McPhail is no exception! I am working hard to ensure all children are applying their phonics in all lessons. What is your personal target?

Mrs McPhail

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