A Year in the Life of Year 1B

We have had an amazing year in Year One. So many fantastic times have been shared. Lots of learning and progress and plenty of giggles.

What has been your favourite part of the year?

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School Aims

The very first and most important aim for Oxford Grove is

“To create for all our children an inclusive, happy, safe, nurturing and supportive learning environment.”

In Year One we really look after one another and make sure that we keep a smile on everyone’s face.

We take care of our friends, make sure that we look after them when they are feeling sad and never leave any one out.

We understand that we all have a part to play in our class and to learn to the best of our ability we must make sure that we carry on caring and sharing with our friends.

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Behaviour at its Best

We are working so hard in Year One.

We make sure we always have impeccable behaviour to make our teacher proud.

We have been practising lining up in our new lines for Year Two, making sure we have our heads facing the front and that we are leaving a person space.

Many of us have filled our smiley charts already and have earned the reward of the climbing wall.

In our classroom we have a pompom jar and Mrs Bevin awards us with pompoms whenever we work together as a team and ensure our behaviour is perfect.

We have earned lots of pompoms this year. This term we are working towards a picnic on the field.


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Science Trip

In science this term we have been looking at the similarities of Humans and Tigers.

We have also been learning about the animal kingdom and which animals are mammals, reptiles and amphibians.

We saw animals of all different types on our visit to Blackpool Zoo.

Year 1 thoroughly enjoyed the trip and got to see many animals they had never seen before.

Mrs Bevin’s favourite was the tigers. They were so powerful and one gave us a loud roar!

What was your favourite part of the trip?

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Special Visitors

Oxford Grove is a very special place and we feel very proud to be part of the amazing Oxford Grove family.

This week we have spoken about how we are expecting to welcome some very special visitors into our school very soon.

Image result for ofsted

Year 1 are very excited to be able to show our special visitors how hard they work everyday and the fabulous progress they have made this year.

The class “big books” are a great way to showcase all of our amazing work and progress alongside all of the things that we do at Oxford Grove that make it extra special.

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Year 2 Transition

We really enjoyed going in to year 2 this week and meeting our new Year 2 teacher Miss Wright.

We have enjoyed showing Miss Wright our impeccable behaviour and how good our handwriting is.

We have really enjoyed visiting the year 2 classroom and we are looking forward to going again next week!

We are very excited to use the amazing learning areas that Miss Wright has made for us!

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Bollywood Dancing

We were so lucky in Year One this afternoon as we were able to spend some time learning about the culture of Bollywood Dance.

We were able to use all of our senses to see, touch and smell some of the traditional decorative costumes and spices.

We read a story about a Bollywood Princess and we used some of the moves from the story to create our own Bollywood Dance.

Some of us then brought our parents along after school and got them to join in with our new learning. It was so much fun!

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Time to Review

Year 1 have been working very hard this half term on our new summer term personal targets.

We have been looking this week to see how we are getting on and how close we are to receiving the 5 smiley reward. Some of us are so close!

Mrs Bevin has helped us to think carefully about each of our targets and we have even had a small chat with our friends to discuss ways in which we can help one another .

These discussions have helped us to get our next steps ready so that we can all achieve our goals by the end of the summer term.



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Time to show off what we have learned

We have been working so hard in Year 1 all year and we are getting ready to show Mrs Bevin just how far we have come since starting Year 1 all those months ago.

It will soon be time to meet our Year 2 teachers for a weekly visit to help us with our transition and so Mrs Bevin has set us some learning challenges to help us show off our learning and progress.

We know we have to do our very best and try hard to put everything we have learned into these learning challenges so that we can make be really proud of what we have achieved.

Good luck to everyone.






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A Very Special Visitor

Today we were visited by a very special person to Oxford Grove, our chair of governors Mrs Thomas.

We are always welcoming of our school governors in Year One as we are always keen to show off our fantastic learning. Mrs Worsley was very impressed with our music lesson last half term.

This week we were doing some amazing research on William Morris as part of or art topic. We were sketching some of his very detailed designs and using them to create our own printed wallpaper designs.

Mrs Thomas particularly enjoyed the classical music that was playing in the background and said how lovely and calm the classroom as with lots of concentrating going on.

Thank you for coming to see us Mrs Thomas. We hope you can come visit us again soon.



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