Life Caravan

We have been very lucky this week to visit the life education caravan. We looked at the importance of looking after our bodies and all of the healthy foods and drinks we use to fuel it. We learned about the importance of exercise and also the importance of sleep!


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Trip the Transport Museum

Today Year 1 had a trip to the Transport Museum in Bury. Our History topic this half term is all about transport so it was great to see all the old buses, cars, trams and engines.

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Diving into Good Books

In Year One we love to read books from our class library every morning. We have really enjoyed reading books written by Julia Donaldson as she is our class author. Year One love “The Highway Rat” and “What the Ladybird Heard”. Finlay even brought in the sequel so we could share “What the Ladybird Head Next” with the rest of the class!

We have discovered so many different Authors during our time spent in Year One and Story Time is one of our favourite parts of the day.

This week we are celebrating World Book Day and are going to be doing lots of fun activities linked to some of our favourite stories.


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Let’s Investigate

Before half term we set up an investigation to see how much rainfall falls during a week in the season of winter. We made some rain gauges and placed them on our school fence so that they could collect the rain water.

We all made a prediction of how many millilitres (ml) of rain would have been collected over the week of half term and today we went to go and take some recordings.

We enjoyed using out maths skills to measure and record our findings.

Does anybody think they might know what results we found?

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Safer Internet Day

At Oxford Grove we always think carefully before we go online. We know that there are things online that can make us happy and things online that can make us sad.


We have been making faces to show and share with our friends that happy things we can do on the internet and what to do if we see something that makes us sad.

We learned about a set of monster friends who posted online their entry to a competition. Lots of people were posting nice comments but one person posted something mean and it upset the monsters. The monsters told an adult and the adult was able to help them get it sorted out.


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Practical Maths

This week in maths we have been learning how to find half of a number.

We know that we need to share into 2 groups equally.

We also worked out that doubling is the opposite of halving and we can use our doubles to help us to halve numbers quickly.

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Weather Watchers

We have been keeping our eye on the weather this half term as we are learning all about it in our geography and science lessons.

We have watched real life snowflakes fall from the sky this week and definitely seen our fair share of raindrops.

What is your favourite type of weather and why?



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Spelling Superstars

We have been working really hard in Year 1 to make sure our spelling is improving everyday. Mrs Bevin likes to teach us special rhymes to help us to remember tricky words.

This week we learned how to spell “because”.

B – Big

e– elephants

c – can

a – always

u – understand

s – small

e – elephants


Do you know any more?


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Science and Seasons

We have been learning all about the four seasons in Science.

The season now is Winter. It is cold in winter.

We worked out that it was 3 degrees today and  used the internet to work out the temperature for the rest of the week using the weather forecast.

We decided that it was best to wear our hats and scarfs while the weather is so cold.



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Oh no it’s the Gruffalo!

We have had so much fun today at The Lowry.

We met the real life Gruffalo and really enjoyed the show.

We joined in with the story we knew it so well!

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