Year 4/5 Football Team

On Friday, our Year 4 and 5 football team played a match against St Joseph’s Primary School! 

Both teams did an amazing job and worked really well as a team! Congratulations to Oxford Grove for winning the match! We were very proud!

Thank you to all parents and staff from both school that gave up their time to support this competition, we look forward to future competitions 🙂 

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KS1 Multi Skills Club

Every Thursday this term a group of Key Stage 1 children have taken part in Multi Skills Club.

During the club the children have played fun games, practised their throwing and catching skills, danced and used the gymnastic apparatus.

The children have had lots of fun exercising and learning new skills. Well done.

Mr Eckersley 🙂

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After School Club 6C

Every Monday of this term, 6C have been taking part in rounder’s club after school.

It’s safe to say there are a lot of talented rounder’s players in this class.

Lots of rounder’s have been scored and the club has been played in high spirits with smiles on the children’s faces.

This will be one of 6C’s last after school clubs at Oxford Grove I hope you enjoyed it.

Mr Eckersley 🙂

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Football After School Club Year 2B

This term 2B have been showing off their silky skills, perfect passing and sizzling shooting after school every Wednesday.

The children have played fun games with a football at their feet as well as taking part in mini tournaments at the end of each lesson to help gain valuable knowledge of working as a team and respecting your opponents.  Each week children have the chance to win the spectacular FUNDA gold medal which they get to wear and show off the following day.

Well done Year 2.

What has been your favourite part of the After school club?

Mr Eckersley 🙂

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Smiley Reward – Military Boot Camp

The whole school has had an amazing time at our Spring 2 smiley reward! 

The Military Boot Camp returned and we enjoyed the huge inflatable obstacle course outside on the astro turf!

We also took part in team building games.

Check out the individual class blogs for more photos and information.

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As a whole school, Oxford Grove is running our very own Spellathon!

Today, in your literacy groups, you were given your spellings to learn for your Spellathon! It is your job to ask your friends, family and anyone you know if they would sponsor you for every spelling you get correct!

Oxford Grove are raising money for: The World Wildlife Fund and also Cancer Research UK as well as other Bolton based charities!

I am looking forward to seeing lots of children getting full marks after learning all their spellings at home…

Miss JarvisImage resultImage result for cancer research

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Eco Committee – Its good to be green!

Image result for eco committee


In spring term 2, the eco committee will be joining together once again to take care of our school and the environment!

It is important to make sure we do not waste; paper, water or electricity. We must look after our school and also look after the wildlife around our school.


Jayden from Year 5B wanted to share a rap that he found in one of his poetry books! Good find, Jayden!


Listen to me children. Hear what I say.

We’ve got to start recycling. Its the only way,

to save this planet for future generations –

The name of the game is reclamation.

You’ve got to start recycling. You know it makes sense!

You’ve got to start recycling. Stop sitting on the fence.

No more messing. No more claptrap.

Get yourself doing the recycling rap!


If you think you could make a difference and want to help, you can apply to join the eco committee. Get your applications from Miss Brewer before Monday 12th February 2018!


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Safer Internet Day 2018

Today and all this week we are celebrating Safer Internet Day!

Each of our classes, from Nursery to Year 6, are taking part in lessons to do with keeping safe online and connecting respectfully.

Next week, our eCadets are going to lead additional online safety activities with us.

Check out our class blogs over these next weeks to see what we have been learning to do with keeping ourselves safe on the internet!

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Celebration assembly!

Little Princess Trust

This weekend, one of our Year 5 children donated her hair to the Little Princess Trust. The Little Princess Trust provides real hair wigs free of charge to children and young adults up to the age of 24, who have sadly lost their own hair due to cancer treatment and other illnesses.

We couldn’t be more proud! What an achievement!


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Football Vs Homophobia ..

Football for everyone

Today, Key Stage 2 experienced an assembly about Homophobia and how this is linked to football. This assembly used football as a means to communicate messages of inclusion to our children. Upper Key Stage 2 then took part in some workshops.

What did you learn from this assembly ? What did you enjoy the most? 

Miss Stockton x



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